10/30 Halloween Parade

11/3 No School- Election Day

11/11 No School- Veteran's Day

11/17 Nature's Classroom trip





Place Value
Area& Perimeter

Social Studies

The Revolutionary War
The Constitution
Westward Expansion


Solar Energy
Phases of the Moon
Light and Sound
Structure and Function


Reader's Workshop
Guided Reading
Writers Workshop

Chorus Band

Stamford and State Grade Level Expectations


During October we will be continuing with Foundations of Readers and Writers Workshops. We will continue to review important reading strategies with the text Journey by Patricia MacLachlan and many other read alouds. Reading responses using sentence frames will continue to be done on a daily basis using Common Core reading strategies.

Students will continue to write in their writers notebooks. They will be creating stories based on small seed moments and many other narrative stories that are based on their own lives.



Unit 2 of our Everyday Math program is based on estimation, computation, and data analysis. Algorithms for addition, subtraction, and multiplication are reviewed and extended to decimals. Usernames and passwords will be sent home at Open House for the website. Please have your child use the website as a resource and to review for tests.



As we begin our science unit on Solar Energy our fifth grade scientists will be going outdoors to track their shadows and follow the progression of the sun throughout the day. We will be using science, mathematics, and literacy in our science units throughout the year.

The students will also have Mrs. Christiano once a week for an extra science block.

The first class project is Science in a Bag. A rubric will be sent home. This is due September 18th, 2015.







Maura Cullen
room #232
John Calo
room# 236
Deborah DeNardo
room #238
Anthony Speriglio

room #230

Jennifer Bubniak

room # 240


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Although each homework assignment is different, we do have similar expectations for all fifth grade work.  We ask that the students always write both their first and last names, as well as today's date on each assignment.

Of course, students should also be sure to proofread their work after they have completed it.  Proofreading includes first reading over the work to be sure it makes sense and says what you want it to say.  Then, students should check for proper spelling and grammar, especially use of capital letters and punctuation at the end of sentences.  It is so important to show your best work at all times.

At this point, students should be able to do most of their homework independently or with a small amount of assistance.  Parents, we ask you to please check that your child has finished his/her homework, and sign the agenda book each evening.  there is also a space for notes to the teacher if you should need to let us know something.

We thank you for your support in the monitoring of homework.