• 6/12 Graduation Practice
  • 6/12 Ice Cream Social 2:30- 3:15
  • 6/16 Graduation Practice
  • 6/17 Graduation at 10AM



Place Value
Area& Perimeter

Social Studies

The Revolutionary War
The Constitution
Westward Expansion


Solar Energy
Phases of the Moon
Light and Sound
Structure and Function


Reader's Workshop
Guided Reading
Writers Workshop

Chorus Band

Stamford and State Grade Level Expectations


During May the fifth graders will be learning about social studies and literature. We will be reading and writing about current events. We will also be studying primary and secondary sources.  We will begin to understand how current events and issues affect one’s life.

It would be helpful for your child to be aware of current events at home. Have them read the newspaper, check out websites, and watch the news. Some topics that they can be aware of are weather, politics, sports, etc.


We will practice for The Battle of the Books this month. We have been reading away! The actual battle will be on June 5th! Invitations and information will be sent home later this month.


Congratulations to Maximus Gitlin and Ambika Hooja for winning awards in the Ferguson Library Literacy Competition.



In Math this month we will begin Unit 10. This unit works with using data: Algebra Concepts and Skills. We will explore Pan Balance questions, algebraic expressions, interpretations of graphs, and area and circumference of a circle.

Have your child visit .  Passwords have been given out. This website reviews Common Core State Standards that will be coming up on the SBAC  test in this month.



The annual Science Expo is approaching. The date is to be determined.  The fifth graders are working hard on their inventions. They are working in small groups to invent new products that could make our lives easier.

The Pinpoint Camera project was a great success! The children learned how to develop a picture by using a simple shoe box.


Social Studies

We will begin to study The Civil War. We will be introduced to The Underground Railroad, Abraham Lincoln, and The Gettysburg Address.



Maura Cullen
room #232
John Calo
room# 236
Deborah DeNardo
room #238
Anthony Speriglio

room #230


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Although each homework assignment is different, we do have similar expectations for all fifth grade work.  We ask that the students always write both their first and last names, as well as today's date on each assignment.

Of course, students should also be sure to proofread their work after they have completed it.  Proofreading includes first reading over the work to be sure it makes sense and says what you want it to say.  Then, students should check for proper spelling and grammar, especially use of capital letters and punctuation at the end of sentences.  It is so important to show your best work at all times.

At this point, students should be able to do most of their homework independently or with a small amount of assistance.  Parents, we ask you to please check that your child has finished his/her homework, and sign the agenda book each evening.  there is also a space for notes to the teacher if you should need to let us know something.

We thank you for your support in the monitoring of homework.