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Staff Directory

Hart Magnet Elementary School Staff Directory

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Name Title Phone
Linda Darling Principal ext. 5085
Sara Paolini Assistant Principal

ext. 5083

Maria Guzda Teacher Leader/Support Specialist

ext. 6127

Carolyn Lowe

Office Staff

ext. 801/5241

Tammy Harrod

Office Staff

ext. 802/5198


Name Title
Linda Kuehn Teacher - RM 007
Maureen McCarthy Teacher - RM 009
Stacy Spezzano GLL Teacher - RM 012
Jodi Fogelman

Teacher - RM 014

Tanvi Rishi Teacher - RM 029
Luci Santora Teacher - RM 037

First Grade

Name Title
Michele Mancini         Teacher - RM 002
Rebecca Roth Teacher - RM 102
Marilena Mannella Teacher - RM 104
Wendy Tang GLL Teacher - RM 106
Stacey Gola Teacher - RM 108

Second Grade

Name Title
Maureen Serricchio Teacher - RM 238
Jennifer Smyth Teacher - RM 140
Heather McLaughlin GLL Teacher - RM 150
Andrew Bekstrom Teacher - RM 151
Maura Lugo Teacher - RM 239

Third Grade

Name Title
Pam Wink Teacher - RM 202
Laura King Teacher - RM 203
Alison Albano GLL Teacher - RM 204
Thamar Deronette Teacher - RM 205

Patrice Moore                

Teacher - RM 213

Fourth Grade

Name Title
Kacy DeTone Teacher - Rm 214
Tamyra Childs Teacher - RM 215
Cara Pribanic GLL Teacher - RM 216
Kaitlyn McKenna         Teacher - RM 226
Myriam Little

Teacher - RM 228

Fifth Grade

Name Title
Anthony Speriglio Teacher - RM 230
Michelle Cain Teacher - RM 232
John Calo GLL Teacher - RM 236

Julie Vlosky

Teacher - RM 240


Name Title
Mark Martini Teacher - RM 146
Caitlin Lafferty Teacher - RM 146

Bilingual Education

Name Title
Luciana Lira

Bi-Lingual - RM 127

BOE Reading

Name Title
Allyson Schenker BOE Reading - RM 148


Name Title Phone
Diane Giamba Cafeteria - RM 163 ext. 5229


Name Title Phone
Victor Ponce

Custodian - RM 038

ext. 4604

Dental Hygiene

Name Title Phone
M. McLoughlin Dental Hyg. - RM 129 ext. 2733


Name Title
Connie Briones ESL - RM 128
Danielle Panzella ESL - RM 143
Robin Stadler ESL - RM 005


Name Title

IEP Compliance

Name Title
IEP Compliance


Name Title
Raji Sundararajan IST Rm 211

Tech/Internet/Support Specialist

Name Title Phone
Karen Gonillo     Media Center-RM 004

ext. 4535


Name Title
Christopher Bucko Music - AUD (TH & F)
Jonathan Jay GLL Specialists Music - RM 040
Robert Brown Music - AUD
Christina Sinaguglia Music (M) 


Name Title Phone
Kerry Schmeiler

Nurse - RM 129

ext. 5906

Occ Therapist

Name Title Phone
Jennifer Sandoval Occ Therapist - RM 210 ext. 4234

Physical Therapist

Name Title
Physical Therapist RM 210

Phys Ed / Health

Name Title Phone
Nicole Granata

Phys Ed / Health

ext. 6123
Felicia Kazantzidis

Phys Ed / Health

ext. 6123


Name Title Phone
PPT/CST Room RM 125 ext. 6121

PLC Room

Name Title Phone
PLC Room ext. 5242


Name Title Phone
Julia-Rose Liptak Psychologist - RM 123 ext. 4307


Name Title Phone
Liz Aviles

Resource - RM 207 - K-5

Lisa Palaski Resource - RM 120 - K-5 ext. 6124
Carissa O'Leary Resource - RM 147 - K-5


Name Title Phone

Roscco - RM 172

ext. 2734


Science/ Tech

Name Title
Susan Christiano Science - RM 142
Donna Slifkin Technology - RM 016

Social Worker

Name Title Phone
Nancy Stanton

Social Worker - RM 122

ext. 4251


Name Title Phone
Fiona O'Connell Speech - RM 124 ext. 4675

Student Teacher

Name Title
Student Teacher

Super Lab

Name Title
Super Lab RM 041

Teacher’s Lounge

Name Title Phone
Teacher's Lounge

RM 171

ext. 5199

Title I Reading

Name Title
Maryanne Cortese Title 1 Reading - RM 142

Parent Facilitator

Name Title Phone
Sandra Judge Parent Facilitator ext. 5803

First Student (Bus Company)

Name Phone
First Student (Bus Company) (203) 325-8538

Para Professionals

Name Title
Mary Bacon

Sped Para Professional

Ronnisha Baker Sped Para Professional
Connie Begetis Sped Para Professional
Reina DiNino Sped Para Professional
Tasha Foskey Sped Para Professional
Celeste Johnson Para Professional
Sandra Klemm Para Professional
Lisa LaBella Para Professional
Gertha Laurent Sped Para Professional
Lisa Longo Sped Para Professional
Marissa Lopez Sped Para Professional
Anna Marrone Sped Para Professional
Debra Pace Sped Para Professional
Regina Perry Sped Para Professional
Carol Ragonesi Sped Para Professional
Nelli Savatsky Para Professional
Reginal Tucciarone Sped Para Professional
Anna Marie Walker Sped Para Professional
Lori Williams Sped Para Professional