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Building Confidence Through Hands-on Learning

Children are meant to learn through play. When children are actively engaged in hands-on, interactive learning activities, their creativity flourishes and they show a greater interest in school. At Snapology we help your child grow up with a thirst for knowledge.

As a science and technology school, we provide our students with fun and engaging hands-on opportunities with Snapology that allow them to combine play with education, teamwork, and social skills. Snapology, Kimone Johnson, and Hart’s Teacher Leader for Student Support Maria Guzda collaborated to create individualized programs that integrate our schools K-5 science themes: Zoology, Biology, Botany, Conservatism, Inventing, and Engineering. Each classroom was provided an interactive environment to learn science, technology, engineering, robotics, art, and math using LEGO® bricks and other tools to empower their creativity. Hart Magnet teachers and students are proud to partner with Snapology!