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Chromebook Help

Troubleshooting Chromebook Issues

Having issues with your Chromebook? Try one of these tricks below to get it working!

Tip #1 - Turn the Chromebook OFF

It is SUPER important to turn your Chromebook off EVERY night. Chromebooks must be powered down each and every day in order to receive updates and operate properly when using Google Meets or other applications that require sound/audio

Click HERE for directions to properly shut down your Chromebook

Tip #2 - Clear the Memory

Clearing the memory on your Chromebook will free up storage space. Being online all day, completing school work, and participating in Google Meets, may start to make your Chromebook slow down or give you problems when trying to connec to Google Meets. Follow the steps below to clear out the memory and make your Chromebook run faster.

Click HERE for directions to Create More Storage Space on Your Chromebook


Put the computer away when you are eating, drinking or completing any type of other activities (like arts & crafts). The Chromebooks don't work when they are sticky, wet, or covered in food.

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